Technology Consultant Helps Insurance Agency Rapidly Grow its Business

The owner of an insurance agency that specializes in multi-family properties had been trying to reach out to prospective customers, but the process had been slow and painful.  He subscribes to an internet site from which he could download information about prospects and their properties.  He would do a screen-print of each property’s information, such as contacts, location, number of units, square footage, etc.  Then he would calculate rates and type them into a form letter and send them out.  Using this painful process, he could prepare about five quotes per day. 

There is now a better way!  With the help of Guss Ginsburg of Beechnut Consulting Services, he is now able to generate quote letters with accurate quotes prepared in minutes.  The screen print function has been replaced by a downloaded file similar to Excel format.  In that file, he may download information on up to 150 properties.  He specifies what rates he wants to propose for the set of properties, and runs an automatic mail merge that fills in all the calculated quotes and rates.  Getting to this point takes only a few minutes.  He expects to be able to triple his revenue in the coming year, just because of this ability to reach all these prospects much more efficiently.